30 September 2006



I have to admit that I'm not too motivated to blog right now, but I can say that I went salsa dancing last night and....oh...I could just keep dancing for the rest of my life!! I LOVE IT!! Part of my love-affair with salsa might have to do with the gorgeous man I was dancing with who, incidently, was our salsa teacher the one day all 32 of us decided to take a lesson....we were quite the group last night: 7 of us volunteers, eduardo (new boyfriend of one of the volunteers), jorge (boy who lives in house with me), and 2 of jorge's buddies from college. Apparently it's NOT true that all latinos can dance...hahahah. at any rate, we stayed until we got kicked out of the club because it was closing (2:30 am), went to another club until we got kicked out for the same reason (3am), hung around at a 24 hr. cafe until all the young 'uns (the 18 yr. old college boys) got picked up by their dads (which is a whole 'nother story), went home and continued to chit chat until about 5 am. I really feel that my Spanish has picked up again to the level it was when I left Costa Rica a year and a half ago and it feels great!! As much as I love Quito and all it's conveniences (but not the plumes of black smoke that spew out of every bus, right into your mouth) I'm pretty ready to head out to Machala, experience some more of the coast-culture, and speak more Spanish!! We've been spending all of our days in English and it's been hard to meet people and use Spanish...so it's pretty much for that reason that I've been going dancing. At any rate, this is a poorly written blog that is coming to an end. Just wanted to let you know...

my lil' machalena,

the more ya dance the more chocolate ya can afford to eat . . .

and don't forget to practice your japanese once in a while, too! :)
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